flickr: user uploaded pictures tagged “tsunami”, “volcano” and “earthquake”

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We can also query the publicly available geo-referenced images through the Flickr API. The maximum number of results, which are tagged with specific keywords, is limited by Flickr to 4,000. As temporal information we use the date when an image was taken. For the description we include a thumbnail image as a link to the source within the Flickr portal.
In this set, we combined three searches: pictures tagged with “Tsunami” (orange), “Earthquake” (green), and “Volcano” (blue). This allows us to clearly see the recent catastrophe centres in New Zealand (Christchurch) and Japan. Both regions have large circles for Earthquake-tagged photos. The Tsunami in Japan was a side effect of the earthquake, thus the photos have been taken in a similar interval. In the south of Japan we find a significant number of photos tagged with Volcano in the beginning of February 2011. This shows that there were tectonic activities one month before the earthquake catastrophe. By browsing through the table, we find photos that show photos with volcanic ash rain.

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