The amount of online data that supplies geo-spatial and temporal metadata has grown rapidly in recent years. Social networks like Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube are popular providers of masses of data that are hard to browse.

Our europeana 4D interface – e4D – enables comparative visualisation of multiple queries and supports data annotated with time span data. We implemented our design in a prototype application in the context of the European project EuropeanaConnect. It is based on a client-server architecture that charges the client with the main functionality of the system.


Researchers, data-journalists, and the broad public alike can use this open source framework to explore complex data – answering both time and space-related issues.

To enhance understanding of data from historical contexts, our tool also supports multiple historical maps. On this website, we feature several real-world datasets:

You may also use your own dataset with our interface – just follow these simple instructions. We would encourage you to take a look at the features list and then give some of the sample datasets a try.